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Saturday, September 23, 2023

NSG – Nuclear Suppliers Group All You Need To Know

NSG – Nuclear Suppliers Group All You Need To Know

NSG or Nuclear Suppliers Group was founded in 1974 in response to Indian Nuclear test codenamed Smiling Buddha or Pokhran-I. It was India’s first successful nuclear test conducted in Pokhran, Rajasthan on 18 May 1974. 

NSG is a multilateral export control regime and a group of nuclear suppliers that seek to prevent nuclear proliferation. It controls the export of equipment, materials and technology that can be used to make nuclear weapons. Initially, the NSG had seven participating countries: West Germany, Canada, UK, USA, Soviet Union, France and Japan.

Now this organisation consists of 48 members which include five nuclear weapon states USA, UK, France, China and Russia. This is not a formal organization which means that its guidelines and rules are not binding on any member.

NPT – Non-Proliferation Treaty
  • It is an international treaty and its objective is to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons which came into action in 1970.
  • Only three countries had not signed the NPT which are Indian, Pakistan and Israel.
  • India refused to sign NPT because first of all NPT defines ‘nuclear weapon states’ are those that tested nuclear weapons before 1967. Hence India can never be one
  • Secondly, this treaty is very unfair as nuclear weapons states have no obligation in give them up while non-nuclear states have no right to have them.

According to the guidelines of NSG, a non-NPT state cannot become a member of NSG. So, this is the reason why India is not a member yet.

China wants non discriminatory criteria for the entry of those countries which have not signed NPT. While 48 members backed India’s membership in NSG, China along with South Africa, Ireland, Turkey and New Zealand opposed the membership of India.

Why NSG is important for India?
  • Under the Paris climate agreement, India has committed to reducing dependency on fossil fuels and ensured 40% of its energy source will be drawn from renewable and clean sources. In order to achieve this target, India needs to increase its nuclear power production and this can happen if India becomes a member of NSG.
  • Namibia is the fourth-largest producer of Uranium in the world and agreed to sell nuclear fuel to India in 2009, but this never happened as Namibia has signed pelindaba treaty which controls the supply of Uranium from Africa to rest of the world. If India joins NSG, it will be easy for us to get this nuclear fuel.
  • If India joins NSG and being allowed to use nuclear equipment and technology it will give a boost to make in India program and eventually boosting the economy.

Well, there are still many factors which are in favour of India to join Nuclear suppliers group.

Like India has ratified a protocol with International atomic energy agency that its civilian reactors are under IAEA safeguards and inspections.  Also, France has got membership without signing NPT.

Recently there are many drafts which are proposed for accepting new members in this elite group increases India’s chances of entry.

Let’s hope very soon India will make it to the group.

So this was it.

These organizations are very important from SSB point of view. So, we are going to cover all such topics. 

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BlogsNSG - Nuclear Suppliers Group All You Need To Know
BlogsNSG - Nuclear Suppliers Group All You Need To Know


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