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Saturday, June 15, 2024

10 Major Difference Between The Indian Navy & Indian Coast Guard

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Understanding The Difference Between The Indian Navy & Indian Coast Guard

Hello aspirants,

Many people are in the notion that the Indian navy and coast guard are near about same in functioning but friends the scenario is not like that. There are a few significant difference between the two forces of our country. This post will help you in clearing the doubt if any and might as well in your NSB as well. After going through the article, you will be easily able to distinguish the role played by both the limbs of our forces. We will discuss the difference in points for easy understanding.

So let's begin
  1. Our armed forces mainly consist of the Indian army, Indian airforce and Indian navy but coast guard is considered as the fourth armed force of the union of India.
  2. The active personnel in the Indian navy is substantial whereas the number of active staff of coast guards is less compared to the navy.
  3. Our Indian navy was founded back in 1612 whereas coast guard is a new force and was forced in the year 1978.
  4. Indian navy is a complete package of its own as they work on the surface of the water, beneath the water and above the surface as well whereas the prime focus of coast guards is to patrol the coastal line of our country (like the BSF).
  5. The mission of the Indian Navy is to maintain, train, and equip combat-ready naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom of the seas whereas coast guards are for law enforcement, search and rescue in the sea.
  6. Talking about the role they play, our Indian navy provides safety to Indian ships and ports from any threats from enemies whereas coast guards look into the matter of illegal activities that might take place in the sea like smuggling etc.
  7. Vessels strength with the Indian navy is enormous like 137 ships (excl. auxiliaries), 235 human-crewed aircraft and submarines too which are significant in size. The coast guards have 175 vessels, 44 aircraft which are small and fast.
  8. While protection of the high seas is vested with the Indian Navy, the area between 10 and 30 nautical miles from the shore is under the charge of the Coast Guard and from the beach to five nautical miles with the coastal police as well as the Coast Guard.
  9. Indian navy takes part in various exercise and rescue operation at the international level, but the coast guards do not do so.
  10. The Indian Coast Guard Academy is under construction in Azhikkal, Kerala. The officers of Indian Coast Guard undergo basic military training at the Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala along with the officers of Indian Navy.


These were the significant differences between the two essential limbs of the Indian armed forces.

Hope you all enjoyed reading, share with your friends.

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Blogs10 Major Difference Between The Indian Navy & Indian Coast Guard
Blogs10 Major Difference Between The Indian Navy & Indian Coast Guard
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