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Friday, June 21, 2024

Centre Considering To Place Indian Coast Guard

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Centre Considering To Place Indian Coast Guard Under Ministry Of Home Affairs

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In today’s blog, we are bringing you a hot potato in the defence news.

The Indian Coast Guard that comes under the Ministry of Defence, the centre is considering to place the force under the MHA.

So in this blog, we are going to tell you why this change is going to take place and what are the benefits of doing so.

What is the Indian Coast Guard?
  • The Indian Coast Guard is basically a dedicated marine force which enforces maritime law and security over the territorial waters of India.
  • The organization is basically operated under the Ministry of Defence (MOD) like the Army, the Navy and the Air Force.
  • The Coast Guard moreover works in close coordination with the Indian Navy, the department of fisheries, the Customs and Central and State police forces.
  • The current Director General of Indian Coast Guard is Rajendra Singh.
  • The need for the establishment of the Indian Coast Guard was basically first proposed by the Navy to provide non- military maritime service to the nation.
  • The reason behind its raising was basically the seaborne smuggling which was turmoil to the Indian economy.
  • To counter this problem the customs department called the Navy for assistance with patrol and interception of smuggling.
  • Thus to fill the gap between the Customs department, central and state police the govt. agreed upon raising the force we know today as Indian Coast Guard.
  • The Indian Coast Guard came into existence on 1st February 1977, equipped with two corvettes and five patrol boats.
  • This is the reason every year on 1st February we celebrate the Coast Guard Day.
  • Vice Admiral V A Kamath of the Indian Navy was appointed as the founding Director General of the force.
What are the benefits of placing Indian Coast Guard under the Ministry of Home Affairs?

The Indian Coast Guard is currently under Ministry of Defence but shifting to Ministry of Home Affairs may help in a number of ways to ensure coastal security.

  • To enhance the maritime security of the nation, the Centre is considering giving overall responsibility of coastal security to the Indian Coast Guard (ICG).
  • As per new proposed changes, Centre may place ICG under the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • As per Government sources, there is an operational disconnect between Navy, Coast Guard, and the local population.
  • There is no single centralized force which operates in shallow waters and it is a major weakness for coastal security.
  • Moreover, there is not a single force which has the capability to simultaneously patrol both land and sea adequately.
  • There is a lack of coordination and liaison between these agencies and the state police during a crisis situation.
  • Being a functional and well-established force operating in the coastal region, ICG is familiar with operational challenges and threats.
  • The ICG personnel are well-trained for sea operations and bringing ICG under MHA would lead to better coordination between MoD and MHA in case of war.
  • At the time of formation, ICG was proposed to be under MHA but was later placed under MOD.
  • ICG is fully familiar with terrain, threats and operational challenges of coastal areas.
  • It will be an ideal force for handling overall responsibility of coastal security.
  • Also to resolve issues of coordination with other central agencies.
  • The Centre is also planning to create additional infrastructure for coastal police architecture across all states.
  • Also additional training, manpower, equipment, and infrastructure to coastal police.
  • The data of all fishermen boat available with fisheries department be available with ICG and coastal police online through CCTNS.
  • MOD had opposed the changes earlier but many states are now supporting the Centre.

I hope that the blog will definitely help you in adding up to your knowledge.

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BlogsCentre Considering To Place Indian Coast Guard
BlogsCentre Considering To Place Indian Coast Guard
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