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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Important Facts About Tactical and

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What is Tactical and Air Combat Development Establishments (TACDE)?

In 1971 Indian Air Force established an elite school for top one per cent of its pilots known as Tactical and  Air Combat Development establishments (TACDE). Its Objective was to teach the art of air combat and to ensure that the men who graduated were the best fighter pilots of the world. TACDE is divided into two wings: one dealing with the development of tactics and the other for the training of aircrew and SAGW crew.

History of Tactical and Air Combat Development Establishments (TACDE)

  • Established in 1971 as Tactics and Air combat Squadron under the command of Wing Commander A.K Mukherjee.
  • Its first base was Adampur, Punjab
  • During the 1971 operations, the TACS was assigned the operational role of single aircraft night counter air strikes on major Pakistani airfields.  These missions were carried out with great accuracy. As a result, this attack had a demoralizing effect on Pakistani Pilots

Aircraft Operated

  • Sukhoi Su-7
  • MiG-21 (Type-77)
  • MiG-27
  • MiG-29
  • Mirage-2000
  • Sukhoi Su-30 MKI

TACDE Air Bases

  • Adampur, Punjab   (1970-72)
  • Jamnagar, Gujrat   (1972-2000)
  • Gwalior, MP          (2000-Till date)

Jamnagar was not an ideal place for the Operations of a Fighter Aircraft because of the strong salt laden, sea breezes and occasional tornado-like storms which are harmful to aircraft and other equipment, therefore, TACDE was shifted to Gwalior

Awards and Honours 

For its wartime Work, TACDE has won

  • One Vir Chakra
  • Thirteen Mentions In Despatches
  • One Vayu Sena Medal
  • Four Commendations by AOC in C

TACDE was awarded ‘Battle Honours’ by the President of India in 1995 for its role in the Indo-Pak conflict of 1971

Motto – Tejas Tejaswi Namaham – I am the glory of the glorious

Crest – The official crest of TACDE is designed by the then Commandant MS Bawa has two crossed swords on a blood red background and a winged burning torch to symbolize air combat Training

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BlogsImportant Facts About Tactical and
BlogsImportant Facts About Tactical and
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