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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Cyclone Idai-Indian Navy Acted as Savior

Cyclone Idai- Indian Navy Comes to Aid

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We all are well aware of the might of our Indian navy in the sea, but our navy also acts as a saviour for people during natural calamity be it in our country or any other foreign county as an act of goodwill deed. In this post, we will see one such recent act of kindness done by our navy.

So let's begin

  1. Location of flood
  • There were widespread flooding and devastation in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi regions. These are the southwestern countries of the African continent.
  • The Cyclone named ‘IDAI’ made landfall at Beira, Mozambique in early hours of March 15, 2019, inflicting widespread damage and loss of human life in the Central and Northern provinces of the country.
  • Mozambique's President Filipe Nyusi called it "a humanitarian disaster of great proportion". He said more than 1,000 people might have been killed after the cyclone hit the country last week. He sought help from the Indian government.
  • Reports are that around 5000 personnel are marooned at Buzi near Port Beira requiring immediate evacuation.
  1. How did the Indian navy act?
  • After request received from the Mozambique government to provide Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief(HADR) Immediately, the ships of First Training Squadron of Indian Navy (Sujata, Sarathi, and Shardul) operating in the Southern Indian Ocean were diverted to Port Beira, Mozambique.
  • Arrangements for food, water, clothing and medicine were provided to the Mozambique Defence authorities by the Indian navy.
  • The boats, Landing Craft Assault and Gemini rubberised craft with divers are being used to rescue people who are marooned at the port due to flood.
  • The rehabilitation is in the process, and the people who are being rescued are taken to the safe place, many medical camps are also set up by the Indian Navy for a proper checkup of saved people.

The Indian government has assured the Mozambique defence authorities of providing any possible help to rescue the people, and they're well being. This will help strengthen the bond between the countries. This is a clear cut example which shows our Armed forces are always there to help any country be it in the past or presently.

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BlogsCyclone Idai-Indian Navy Acted as Savior
BlogsCyclone Idai-Indian Navy Acted as Savior


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