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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

How to inculcate OLQ’s just living daily routine

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How to inculcate OLQ's just living daily routine

As we all know there are few qualities that is required to crack any interview. Interview is analogous to salesman who want to sell product with its strengths to the customer . First we will be discussing the qualities and then how to learn in normal routine hours.

Factor 1(Planning and Organising) Factor 2(Social Adjustment) Factor 3(Social Effectiveness) Factor 4(Dynamic)
Effective Intelligence Social Adaptability Initiative Determination
Reasoning Ability Co-Operation Self Confidence Courage
Organising Ability Sense of Responsibility Speed of Decision Stamina
Power of Expression   Ability to influence group and liveliness
Factor-I(Planning and Organising)

1.Effective Intelligence – Now we can gain effective intelligence which is different from basic intelligence. It can be gained by solving normal verbal and non verbal test series ,puzzles,solving color cubes . Here we will talk about practical intelligence . Consider every difficult situation you face in life and  react to  find solution with minimal effort and time. Feel every situation as a task and try to solve them. Ultimately you will see the change.

2. Reasoning Ability-Best way is to ask questions that how ,why ,what ,etc . Ask more and more questions on any of the topic you find interesting.   Just google it and know the reason behind with help of  quora,pinterest etc . Develop more and more reading habit and questioning as knowledge is used in your PI.

3. Organising Ability–  Assemble any of the event like basketball match , your parents anniversary ,teacher's day etc . Make use of all resources available in systematic manner to achieve the best results .

4. Power of Expression-Convey yourself with clarity to the other person and express your feelings. Achieve this by talking to your friends,family,workmate etc . Just to make sure your thoughts are conveyed to other person you want without any linguistic barrier.

Factor-II(Social Adjustment)

5. Social Adaptability – To gain this habit just make more friends while you are travelling , working and talk to them. Adapt yourself within any situation and come out of your comfort zone and build you network .Empathy and skill management is learnt by this .

6. Co-operation– This helps to gain harmony and adversity among the group . It becomes handful in the GTO tasks ,gained by listening to others with patience and make your points to accept other as well .It includes the element of joint effort and team spirit and indicates loyalty to aims and objects of the group .

7.Sense of Responsibility -If you took any task in school,college,office do with all your effort and achieve best . It ingrains the discipline within you understanding the values of duty,social standard etc.

Factor-III(Social Effectiveness)

8. Initiative – Simple rule is to take initiatives to do any type of  work .  May be you know it or not ,just grab the opportunity and then take help to solve it .It also helps you to gain the confidence as you took the initiative and provides internal happiness.

9. Self-Confidence-It is  faith in ones ability to meet stressful situations particularly those are unfamiliar . Don't avoid the problems but solution is the only way to overcome them . It helps to gain the self confidence,face them and make things better.

10. Speed of Decision – This quality is bit tricky to understand . Take the chance if you have 40% of chance to win that situation .Sometimes you may feel disappointed but that's how the life goes on. Learning is the best part you learn from here and gain the experience ,just start from small things as small effort makes big differences.

 11. Ability to influence the group and liveliness– The ability which enables an individual to bring about the wiling effort from the group for achieving the objective. Just have a smiling face when you deal with it in your friend circle or suggesting any idea to group for going to any restaurant etc. and gain the confidence of others and make sure to speak to hit the bulls eye comes hand in GD.

Factor IV-(Dynamic)

12. Determination – Just think why you started and scene from the top of the cliff will be wonderful .  To achieve the result you have to work in discipline to remain determined towards your goal.It is the capacity to force oneself along when under pressure and urgency towards achievement of the object.

13.Courage and Stamina – Again take the risks when u see a small chance to get the result out of the task . If u want to achieve success take the calculated risks and start taking small decisions . This will help you to gain confidence and you will learn most importantly. Taking small decisions will become handful in leadership qualities as well. Stamina includes your physical exercise of the body . Just get up early do some workout , meditation and then start your work . You will gain mental strength .  Day will be well spent which is really  important for the armed forces.

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BlogsHow to inculcate OLQ's just living daily routine
BlogsHow to inculcate OLQ's just living daily routine
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