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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

SSB Interview Tips for your upcoming interview – DDE

SSB Interview Tips : Have An Upcoming SSB, Here Is You Need To Do

Start Your Preperations

How are you friends? I hope that most of you have done well in the CDS exam. And also some of you may have your SSB of your previous attempts. You all have the idea of the SSB procedure unless you are going for SSB for the first time. You must be wondering about how to give the final touch to your preparations.


Here are some tips for you so that you give your best there and be successful

  • First of all, you need to analyse yourself i.e. your stength, weakness, hobbies, achievements, skills and so on. It will be better to get a list of personal questions asked in SSB and then prepare.
  • Know the PIQ (Personal Information Questionnaire). Although you they will assist you in filling the form there also but prepare it at home first and move one steap ahead as a fresher. This is important because all the questions asked in the interview are based on the information you provide in the form. To know more about PIQ, click here.
  • Plan your journey well on time and the dresses also. You already know the dresses but I recommend you a minimum of two formal dresses and two set of GTO dress. Choose light coloured shirt and iron it well.
  • Prepare all the necessary documents mentioned in your call letter and place them in a good folder from which you can easily get the document you need and easy to arrange. You'll know why I am saying so.
  • Brush up the important current affairs as you are supposed to know what is happening around you. After all, 'knowledge is power'.
  • Keep a positive and motivated mindset. Watch positive videos like the 'better India'.
  • Practice the tests well as time management is very important for the tests.
  • Start practising lecturette recording yourself with your smartphone camera. This is going to help you with your body language, expressions, voice tonality and so on.
  • Know everything about our defence forces. For example if you are going for AFSB, then you must know about the organisation of IAF, the commands, aircrafts and current happenings as well.
  • Keep exercising and running because it will help you in the GTO tests. As a defence aspirant, I hope that you have a routine of exercising daily.

I hope that these tips are going to help you. As said earlier, dont fake your personality, prepare well and give your best.


BlogsSSB Interview Tips for your upcoming interview - DDE
BlogsSSB Interview Tips for your upcoming interview - DDE


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