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Saturday, December 10, 2022

D.I.A (Defence intelligence agency) – all you need to know


D.I.A (Defence intelligence agency) – all you need to know

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We have witnessed in movies the role played by the DIA in the security of the country and safeguarding the defence system. This topic is fascinating to know. So, let's begin


  1. What is D.I.A?
  • The Defence Intelligence Agency (D.I.A) created in 2002 is an organisation responsible for providing and coordinating military intelligence for the Indian armed force and is administered within the Ministry of Defence.

  • The primary purpose of DIA is to server the Indian defence with the information related to intelligence. Most of the work is classified by the agency


  1. Why was it formed?
  • After the Kargil war in 1999, it was felt that distinct services were not able to effectively coordinate intelligence operations and the sharing of information.

  • The event leads to the formation of the agency with the sole purpose to fill this void in communication.

  • It was formed by the cabinet ministers and is administered within the ministry of defence in 2002.


  1. Structure of DIA
  • The Director General of the Defence Intelligence Agency is the head of the entire organisation. The director general is the principal advisor on intelligence to the Defence minister and the Chief of Defence Staff.

  • The post of the director general is held in rotation between the three armed services, i.e. every force officer get the chance to head the agency.


  1. Why do we need D.I.A?
  • The DIA is involved in intelligence support groups with the IB and RAW to coordinate military and civilian intelligence agencies and create an intelligence community.

  • DIA has control of Indian Army intelligence assets – the Directorate of Signals Intelligence and the Defence Image Processing and Analysis Centre (DIPAC).

  • While the Signals Directorate is responsible for acquiring and decrypting enemy communications, the DIPAC controls India's satellite-based image acquisition capabilities.

  • The DIA also controls the Defence Information Warfare Agency (DIWA) which handles all elements of the information regarding warfare monitoring.

  • Its operations are highly classified and have much success to its credit which will remain a secret.


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BlogsD.I.A (Defence intelligence agency) - all you need to know
BlogsD.I.A (Defence intelligence agency) - all you need to know


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