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Monday, January 30, 2023

Future fruits of Rafale deal

Future fruits of Rafale deal

Although there has been a long debacle going on in the winter session of the parliament, Rafale deal has remained as a highlighted controversy through out the year 2018. Now that the defence ministry had made a clarification in this regard, the supremo's of the opposition are persistent on their view amid Supreme court's verdict

But the facts and figures are clear. The Chief of air staff himself considers this as a best deal. As we all know that this deal will further strengthen up the Air force, besides, this will also build up a better military ties with the France.

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An year ago, the Indian Navy had invited foreign vendors to carry out simulation trials to see if the planes could operate off the aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya. Presently, 26 multi role twin engine MIG-29(fighter's) along with 10 kamov ka-31 and kamov ka-28 helicopters are in service on the ship.

Aircraft manufacturers, including the French Rafale and American F-18, had taken part in the trials held in the ship's base in kanwar, Karnataka. They were also asked to provide more inputs on their respective plane's capabilities to be able to take off and land at the Vikramaditya

France has been using Rafale plane from its Aircraft carrier and operated them  in various missions like airstrikes on Afganisthan. Amid ongoing controversy on Rafale, French Navy Chief Vice Admiral Christophe Prazuck would be in India on a three-day visit to discuss ways to further strengthen military ties between the two countries.

The French government has asked India to acquire additional Rafale combat aircraft for both the Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy along with the 36 planes that will start arriving in the country by the year 2020. Though the first aircraft would be landing in the country in September, this year and the last one would be delivered in 2022 as per the defence minister.

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The visit, scheduled from January 7th to January 9th, is taking place in view that Indian Navy is looking forward to buying 57 multirole fighter planes for operations from the aircraft carrier, while Rafale being one of the contenders along with Boeing of America and Saab Gripen of Sweden. Yesterday in the parliament, the defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman directed that We don't do defence dealings. We deal in defence. Let's see, how the politics overtakes the matter of national security.


NewsFuture fruits of Rafale deal
NewsFuture fruits of Rafale deal


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