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Thursday, March 30, 2023

9 different uniforms in Indian Army

9 Different Uniforms of the Indian Army that you must know


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They say, “Dress to the occasion”.

Well, this adage stands true for organizations like the Army. The dress sense of Army personnel simply differentiates from the civilians.

Also, in general, a Uniform simply reflects pride, honor and inculcates disciplined lifestyle.

In Army there are a number of uniforms and these uniforms are worn as per the occasion.


There are different types of Uniforms worn in the Army:


  1. General Duty:
  • General Duty dresses are usually given a very formal and smart look.
  • These are different for winters as well as for summers.
  • During winters, the officers wear a peach shirt with a black tie and an olive green blazer accompanied by a beret or peak cap.
  • This dress is called Dress 5SD.
  • During summers, the uniform wore is Olive green shirt and pants. It was worn first in 2005 to distinguish Indian Army from Pakistani Army.


  1. Blue Patrol:
  • The Blue patrol is the dress code meant for the occasion like functions and gatherings during the winters.
  • This dress could be used as a mess dress also.
  • The blue patrol is accompanied by ‘bandgala’ coat.
  • In this uniform, the shoulder pips are embodied with ranks on the coat.
  • There is an exception in armored corps with a chain mail along with their ranks on the shoulder.


  1. 6 Alpha/ 6 Bravo:
  • The 6A/6B dress is usually a mess dress for the Indian Army.
  • The 6A comprises of a white shirt with a black pant along with a ‘cummerbund’ as per the regimental colors.
  • To be accompanied by a white coat.
  • The 6B dress is summer variant of the 6 Alpha.


  1. Ceremonials:
  • This dress is usually worn during military ceremonies like parades, guard of honor, military funerals, wreath-laying etcetera.
  • The dress comprises of wearing ceremonials along with the previously discussed Dress 5SD during winters and half sleeves in summers.
  • Accompanied along with neck scarf, cummerbund, medals and other decorations.


  1. Combat Uniform:
  • This uniform is the most popularly known to civilians.
  • The uniform has a jungle camouflaged pattern to provide necessary cover during the combat and disguise enemy.
  • It is also called ‘Jungle Dress’.
  • In winters, the dress is accompanied by a sweater or a jacket.
  • The ranks are embroidered on the shoulder, during the war and exercise decoration are avoided.
  • This dress is basically worn every Friday including peace areas.


  1. Dungarees:
  • This uniform is basically meant for the officers of Army Aviation Corps.
  • Only rank and the name tab appears in the dungaree along with the aircraft symbol they are associated with.


  1. Smocks:
  • Smock is usually earned by highly skilled men that are paratroopers.
  • These are winter uniform for ceremonial purpose.
  • This is basically accompanied by the jungle scarf.


Some other dresses are there depending upon places to places and regiments like White high altitude jacket worn in Siachen, as well as the black dresses that are only designated to the National Security Guards (NSG) and the Armoured Corps.


Hope this will add up to your knowledge. Stay tuned to DDE.


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Blogs9 different uniforms in Indian Army
Blogs9 different uniforms in Indian Army


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