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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

All you need to know about Armed Forces Flag Day

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Armed Forces Flag Day 


Hello, folks wishing you all a very Happy Armed Forces Flag Day.

Every year 7th of December is observed as the Armed Forces Flag Day, it has been observed since 1949.

It is commemorated with the aim honouring the soldiers, the airmen and the sailors of India every year.

This day is also dedicated to the collection of funds from the citizens of the country.

This fund is further utilized for the welfare of the Indian Armed Forces personnel.

The inception of the Indian Armed Forces Flag Day:
  • Post-Independence the govt. felt a need to manage the welfare of its defence personnel.
  • On 28th August 1949, a committee set up and decided to observe 7th December as the Armed Forces Flag Day.
  • The idea was to distribute small flags to the citizens of India and in return collect donations.
  • The collected donation is utilized for the welfare of defence personnel and their dependents.
  • The Flag day subsequently gain importance in the country as the people agree with the fact that it was the responsibility of the civilian to look after the defence personnel who safeguard the country.



The purpose for commemorating this day is basically to raise donations and funds for the defence personnel which could be utilized for the following things:

  • Welfare programs for the serving personnel and their families.
  • Resettlement and welfare for the ex-servicemen and their families.
  • Lastly, for the treatment and rehabilitation of battle casualties.
Activities that take place on Armed Forces Flag Day:


  • The commemoration of Armed forces Flag Day every year is a very generous act.
  • By virtue of which every citizen of the country express their gratitude, respect, and appreciation toward the personnel who are working in the Armed Forces, the veteran who had served and those who died for the honor of the country.
  • All the three forces, the Army, the Navy and the Air Force, arrange different programs.
  • These programs include shows, carnival, gatherings and dramas for the sake of motivating the youth, for showcasing the efforts of Armed Forces for national security.
  • Small flags in red, deep blue and light blue signifying the tri-services are distributed in return for donations.
The Fund collection:


  • The Defence Minister’s Committee set up the Flag Day fund back in the year 1949.
  • In the year 1993, the Defence Ministry of India subsumed all the other related funds as a single Armed Forces Flag Day fund.
  • The related tax that is now under the Armed Forces Flag Day fund are:
  1. St Dunstans Fund
  2. Kendriya Sainik Board Fund
  3. Indian Gorkha ex-servicemen’s Fund
  4. Amalgamated special fund for War Bereaved, War Disabled.
  5. Other ex-Servicemen/Serving Personnel fund.
  •  Basically, the local arms of the Kendriya Sainik Boards manage the fund collection all over the country.
  • Moreover, the help of volunteers of NCC and other organizations helps in the collection of funds by official and non-official means.
  •  Further, the Managing Committee presided over by the Defence Minister Of India mainly operates the fund.
  • Surprisingly, the allotted fund for the KSB is only half a paisa per individual in the state.

Hope you like the blog if you wish you can also contribute to the Armed Forces Flag Day fund by the details given in the picture above.

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BlogsAll you need to know about Armed Forces Flag Day
BlogsAll you need to know about Armed Forces Flag Day
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