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Monday, November 28, 2022

Abhinav rawat – NSB (V)

Abhinav Rawat

Recommended in first attempt

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Hey defence aspirants, I am Abhinav Rawat, got recommended in first SSB attempt for Navy 10+2 B.Tech entry from Naval Selection Board Visakhapatnam.

It was a really hard time when I was preparing for my SSB because my boards percentage was not extraordinary, so my chances of getting admission in a good college in DU were blocked, also I hadn’t performed well in my engineering entrance exams.

I felt dejected and unhappy. Then I told myself that I cannot just sit and cry over the past so I decided to prepare well for my SSB. I took coaching classes and read books to improve my G.K.(although it is still not great) and went for the SSB. I had no idea about the screen in rate in technical entries so I thought maybe 50%-60% will make it but only 21 were screened in and to my surprise, I was one them.

Then next day my psychology went well. GTO was my favourite part of the SSB, we were briefed about the tasks in coaching but doing them on the field is just another feeling. My interview was also quite good. Then came the conference!!!!. My chest number was 1 and I was going to be the one to face them first. Although I have given a few interviews in my life, but that day was, by FAR, the most tense moment of my life.

Then came the time for result announcement, we were told to shout out our name and roll number if our name was called out. The officer said, “Chest no. 1”. I was spellbound, I couldn’t understand what was going on. I might have stayed silent for 3 seconds but they felt like 3 years. I was filled with joy, I felt like dancing and crying at the same time, only a recommended candidate can relate to that feeling.

I called my dad after that and when I gave him the good news, I could hear pride in his voice. Then slowly calls starting coming from my family members telling me how proud and happy they were.


I remember that Initially I wasn’t sure of whether i want to become an officer in defence forces or not but defencedirecteducation’s posts made me feel motivated and ignited the zeal inside me to join the Indian Navy. Thanks toDDE for all the support and inspiration; They are doing a great job by motivating clueless youngsters to serve the nation

I am trying to express that feeling of getting recommended in as much words as possible in order to ignite that craving in you to achieve that feeling. Trust me, work hard and for sure your life will change DRASTICALLY, once you’ve made it. All the best and Cheers.

HeroesAbhinav rawat - NSB (V)
HeroesAbhinav rawat - NSB (V)


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