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Monday, November 28, 2022

Ravi Prakash Rathor – 19 SSB Allahabad

Ravi Prakash Rathor

Recommended in 2nd attempt

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Hello Readers, I’m RAVI PRAKASH RATHOR. I got recommended from 19 SSB, Allahabad on 03 Aug. 2018. I went to appear in SSB from 30 July, 2018 to 03 August, 2018 at Selection Centre East, Allahabad.

It was my second attempt to the SSB, when I went for the first time at 33 SSB Bhopal; I was conference out with the same entry which was NDA.

My journey to join NDA started in class 6 th when I joined Sainik School Ambikapur long back in 2011, it was a very new school in the series of Sainik School and I was in the fourth batch of the school. The main aim of this school is to prepare its cadets to join the different defense academies of India.

My seniors were my best inspiration because hostels are the place where seniors are everything. I didn’t know much about NDA and other academies but one thing was very clear on my mind and that was to join the defense forces of India.

Coming to the preparation of the NDA/NA Exam our Vice-principal Sir did everything which could be possible and the same we gave the result to be the most no. of cadets clearing UPSC from our school till now. When results came, next day we started our preparation for the SSBs at different places. But my luck didn’t favor me much and I was conference out. Time just passed and I went to appear for NDA Exam again and fortunately I passed again and got my date to appear at the SSB at Allahabad.

One thing I learned from my failure last time was that everything counts’. It didn’t just only mean about the performance of your in the 5 days of the tests but it is what which shows our whole mind, heart and every action with the given limited time. I got to know a very simple example out there in the SSB; it was, people testing us there don’t taste the cream of the cake, and the cakes are us, the candidates. What they just check is the quality of the bread which lies inside the cream of that cake. Watching my seniors clearing the NDA exam and them simultaneously clearing the SSB was my greatest inspiration.

It didn’t seemed much hard till the time I got into class 9 th. Difficulties were clear by this time and we had to plan my appearance to what I had to give out of mine. The credit just only goes in the bag of my preparation but also to my teachers, parents and friends because they had to provide us the encouraging and favorable environment so that we bring out our best when needed.

Most of us always prepare for SSB once we clear the exam (any it be) which leads us to appear in the SSB and give much more attention to our personality but what actually happens is we start building our psychology from the day we start thinking about  our carrier. One of the most thing what I have learned from my seniors And my officers in the school was we should never try to understand what the SSB is but we should just go by the stream and perform our best. And always remember the word of Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam that “dreams are not those which we see while we sleep but they are the one which do not let us sleep”. And if defense forces are the ultimate dreams of your then settle only after you achieve it.



We were total 50 were reporting for the SSB. After a brief check of documents we were allotted the chest no. and I was 39. After screening we were only left with 32. Our psyche test was going to be held with those of 11 SSB.

To me it was all good and I was able to complete all the stories of TAT, coming to the word I was with 58 and situation I did 44 and was able to complete the SDT with the allotted time. The next two days of GTO was total rainy and we did got a good company of rain in every single task there in the grounds. The water had created quite a problem for us especially in the GOR and IO. But finally it ended with a very good note. One of the most memorable moments we shared in the GTO days was our company because before 3 days we were totally a nobody to them but at that point of time we were one of the most important person to them at that point of time.

Interviews are always on one’s preparation. It is a place where every word counts. My interview went for nearly one and a half hour, longest from my whole batch. I was even asked to sing song inside the chamber of the interviewer and all other related to my personal and school life. Results are always meant to be very hard and that I realized on the day of the conference. I did not had a conference very long and had just got some simple question of the stay and visits of mine to the city of Allahabad and finally it concluded with the question of the suggestion. When I was out I didn’t had any idea about what was the result. When results came I was amazed to get know my name appearing in the list. It was happiest day of my life till now probably for my parents also when had saw a dream for me and I am proud now that I have fulfilled theirs as well as mine. Thank you to all those who have spent five minutes for reading my note and also I wish all the very best to those who would be appearing for the SSB and other related Defense Forces exam in the future!!!

HeroesRavi Prakash Rathor - 19 SSB Allahabad
HeroesRavi Prakash Rathor - 19 SSB Allahabad


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