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Raghavendar S S, AIR-1 (Civil Engineering) SSC Tech-52

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Raghavendar S S, AIR-1 (Civil Engineering) SSC Tech-52

Hi young men and women this is Raghavendar S S got recommended from 34 SSB Allahabad. Yea I
dreamt of clearing ssb and being in AIR1 and it was my dream comes true moment when I cleared ssb
and no match to the gift I got on new year that is MEDICALLY FIT to join INDIAN ARMY. And I was
sure about being in merit list but was AIR 1 expected? Yeah it was I was very confident that I will be
AIR1. Not only there but also I was very confident that I will get recommended on the conference day as
I have told all by batch mates let the number be whatever but chest number 10 will be called for sure. It
was not over confident though because I know how I performed and that gave me the confidence of doing
it and yea my chest number 10 was called and every one stood and gave me applause and remember
friends you will not get food without work and the applause I got was not for getting recommended but
for chest no10 who was very friendly, jovial, motivating the group, helping in the absence of assessors
also, doing what has to be done in the absence of assessors also made all the 25 give the standing
Why armed force selection has so many failure stories? It’s because many haven’t understood that armed
force is not only way of living but also living the armed force. Hope the reader can make the difference.
And many forget that clearing ssb can’t be done in a week or two’s preparation. It takes ample amount of
time and I understood this when I was 2 nd year of my college. Though I know my ssb’s will be happen
after 3 years, I started working from my second year because it’s better to be prepared than to cry that you
haven’t got what you were in need of because of mothballing things. And preparation of ssb should start
immediately after you decided that armed force is your career.
So where to start my preparation was my 1 st question, as I am from complete civil background. I decided
to use my college as my source of preparation and being an out of box guy I was always fetched attention
of people and that gave me so many opportunities to prove myself in different fields from my age of 14.
Though you practice hundreds of tat, wat, srt you will not be able to do it because all your life you have
been a normal guy in crowd and suddenly if you write about conducting symposium in TAT will that
make sense? Obviously it doesn’t make sense. So NDA boys make use of your school, college going
teens stop wasting time on tiktok and other stuffs and start taking small responsibilities and those who
didn’t do it in college start using the place where you’re at present. Take responsibility, conduct events,
be a leader, be in team under someone, be a good orator who mesmerizes people by words, participate in
sports, organize some sports events, make English as your easy language, don’t compromise with the
quality of your work, don’t compromise with your moral, be that one confident and positive spreading
chap of your team, remaining all will fall on your feet. And believe me nothing is going to happen in
night. Everything takes its time so believe in your process, keep working. Even if you haven’t made it in
ssb, you will that one better person for this nation.

Everyone knows the 5 day procedures so I will say how I practiced sets. The above paragraph would have
dealt about how to build the OLQ and here I will say how I practiced for ssb.
1. OIR – I will recommend OIR products of DDE to everyone as it has all the topics equally covered
and the toughness level of OIR3 is bit high and if you’re in the position to solve their OIR 3 it
means you will do a good show in ssb also.

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2. Picture perception and description test: I follow a unique technique in PPDT that is relating
myself in the picture (I will call this as I RULE) for example even if I see a farming ground and
man standing I will make the man a civil engineer and think what a civil engineer can do in
farming land and instead of making my perception the best one I will take my first thought and
make my story the best one. The story should have past, present and future and all in 10 lines.
Only practice can help you to make such stories. And while standing in line don’t waste time
talking rubbish, better start narrating your story to yourself and this will not only helps you to
narrate it better but will also gives you confident on your story. Lastly group discussion, stay
calm and composed, speak when it is required, put your points boldly, accept others, play with
language and leave the rest to almighty.

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3. Psychology test: These tests are to assess your quality through your spontaneous thoughts. So
here practicing is just to increase your speed and making your answer better through language but
not to make you as the person with OLQ. For building OLQ paragraph 2 is the only option.
a. Thematic Appreciation Test: Buy good product which has TAT pictures and example stories
(I will recommend DDE for tat, wat). Perceive the picture in the same way as you do in
PPDT and apply same ‘I RULE’. Put yourself in the picture, see how you can relate the
picture to your life, and most importantly you have to do them in 30 seconds. When you see a
picture put that 30 seconds to the picture, observe everything even small needle from the
picture can help you to make the best story and in next 4 minutes put all your skill to make
the best story and the beauty of ssb is that you have to repeat that for next 1 hour and you
should have the same concentration what you had in 1 st picture.
 How to write story? Any better story should have 3 parts (ie) past, present and future.
So how to do it? It’s really easy, imagine the past that can lead to present situation,
analyze the present action that is the picture shown to you and predict the future of
the present action. Put all this as words and your product is ready. And again food is
not free, so start practicing writing stories as much as possible.

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b. Word Association Test: Don’t hesitate to put your first thought in WAT and put your first
thought in the best way. Keep the sentence simple, no use of showing your English skill here
and moreover there will be not time as each word will be displayed for more than 15 seconds
and guys don’t be assessor in ssb, be candidate and do what you think following the rules.
How to practice? Practicing is very simple here. Buy a WAT series and start writing
different responses for single word and keep doing it till the last day of recommendation.
If you want more, take words from internet or make a word list by oneself and start

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c. Situation Reaction Test: In SRT be straight, give responses in direct language, don’t think
much and waste time, the name may say react but don’t react to all situation but respond to
certain situation. React and respond are two different things which one has to master. Google
it and know the difference. In respond you will think for some seconds and take decision and
in SRT this responding rule will help you as everything is real life situation and not reflex
action. And sometimes you have to react also that’s why I mentioned one has to master them
to find where to react and where to respond. For example, react to survival situation and
respond to organizing situations.
d. Self Description Test: No shortcuts here other than going prepared. Ask your parents, friends,
teacher or employer and to yourself. Conduct a survey and use your probability skills to sort

them down and here use your English language to make the scrambled words into attractive
sentences. And the trick I use is idioms to define my character instead of placing adjectives.
So once done with that, start reading and once when you go through again and again you will
get some more ideas to improve your sentence. So it’s now very clear you shouldn’t do your
SDT at the end, so prepare in advance. One month prior to ssb will be good.

2. GTO: There is no trick in GTO, other than being energetic throughout the session, being spontaneous
in deciding, a decent general knowledge( your view on any topic), being friendly to your mates, being
polite and talk whenever required, being you, don’t be afraid to say even if it is wrong, take responsibility,
don’t be afraid of bleeding because all your academic days you will be bleeding and if you’re worried of
getting hurt it means it’s not your cup of tea better leave this and go to railway jobs. I am hard in my
previous sentence because I see people with zero fitness get into ground and complaining why I have to
cross the wall of 10 feet which really de-motivates those who can do it also and lastly put your ass out and
work because all the GTO tasks are easy but boring so this is the place you have to show how energetic
you can be even if bored. And GTO is the place where it will show whether your thoughts in psychology
test is you or someone else. Be fit and here being fit doesn’t means, you should be body builder with six
packs. Fitness means looking perfect when dressed and has good amount of stamina to do the procedures
and at the end of the day stand still without showing faces of weakness. To say in simple words, put your
ass out and show your alpha person of the day.

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3. Interview: There are so many questions from people about interview but guys listen interview is the
most simplest of all tests in ssb. Confidence, calmness, composed answers are the key for cracking
interview. And again before answering think, that is respond rule. Your words are your property so be
sure before letting it out and be very confident after letting it out. Be spontaneous to any question. The
question mostly circles your PIQ, general issues, technical questions, about armed forces and situations.
Don’t expect anything before entering interview room and so you will not face regrets. Go with your face
and chest high, make formal gestures, take your seat and answer to his questions with smile and if you
don’t know say ‘don’t know’. Keep the interview simple, even if the interviewer is trying to complicate it.
Be prepared in all fields and be true in PIQ. Don’t lie all the way in PIQ if you do so no one can save you
from the interviewer because he knows mostly everything.
Preparation: Learn to break the shyness and nervousness if you’re one of those kinds. Know
what’s going on in nation and globe and your views about those issues, be sound in technical part that is
your graduation part. Know enough about armed force, a fair knowledge is more than enough to answer
and believe me it will give a good impression if you answer any question from any part mentioned above.
Simple trick: Dress properly, be calm and composed, sit comfortably except cross legs, answer
with eyes high and walk out.
4. Conference: Walk with confidence, chest and head high into the room, wish, take your seat,
answer only to the question and if you really have worthy question put it when he asks ‘Any
question gentle man’ and don’t put out some silly question and spoil your name in front of the
majestic table.

At the end believe in your preparation and have confidence of doing it.
Note: The above told everything is my way and specially the way I understood the process and my
way of preparing for ssb. And if the reader feels this will help you yeah I am very happy of making an
1. Check the notification properly while applying
2. Prepare all your documents a week prior and have a check all the time.
3. Make a checklist of what all required for ssb both mandatory things for test, your personal stuffs
because being comfortable is very important.
4. Shave properly every morning in ssb and be in proper attire, polished shoes and put yourself as
the best person of the team.
5. Don’t give up.
6. Be gentle in all places not because of the myth of being assessed but it should be you even in the
absence of assessor. Being the best in front of assessors and being the worst in absence means
you’re manipulating and it means you don’t deserve that.
7. Eat like gentleman; make your bed after getting up in ssb. These are just the qualities of GC’s so
be GC even before clearing ssb.
8. Last and important thing is ‘don’t be impostors’.

Thanks to DDE who shares a great part in my success


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HeroesRaghavendar S S, AIR-1 (Civil Engineering) SSC Tech-52
HeroesRaghavendar S S, AIR-1 (Civil Engineering) SSC Tech-52
DDE editor
DDE editor
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