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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Operation All Out : All you want to know

Operation all out : All you want to know

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Hello Dear readers as we enter into 2019 we have achieved many milestones in 2018 and Operation All Out was one of them. An operation by joint efforts of security forces which dreaded militants and terrorists in Kashmir valley.


The root of this operation goes back to 2016. In that time situation of Kashmir post Burhan Wani death had become much severe. Pakistani government saw this opportunity to send more terrorist and trained militant in the valley to serve their greed. By this insurgency issues in Kashmir increased and Security forces were battling hard to control the situation.


But URI attack in September 2016 was turning point. In response after few weeks, surgical strike done by our special forces was a much-needed step to stop Pakistan's proxy war. This strike has wiped out militant training facilities in PoK. The Surgical Strike has shown capabilities and strength of the Indian Army to the world.It helped only for a few months. Now killing of armed forces personnel who were off duty became a deplorable strategy by them. In that we lost lieutenant Ummer Fayaz (he was on his 1st official leave) which was unexpected. To control such severe situation South block needed a proper strategy to deal with this growing radicalization. In which even J&K government was taken under consideration. All of them unanimously came with Operation All Out. While these things were happening. We faced attack on pilgrims of Amarnath in July 2017 which compelled armed forces to implement Operation All Out as soon as possible. An operation that brought normalcy in Kashmir valley again and also an intense fear deep inside terrorists.


Army made a Target List and there were 258 terrorists and militants in this hit list. These terrorists belonged to Laskar-e -toiba, Jaish-e-Muhammad and few more other terrorist organisations. For smooth conduction of operation, J&K government appointed Munir Khan  who is master of counterinsurgency as top cop. This Operation was a joint effort of Indian Army, CRPF, Local Police and under trainee Garud Commandos of Airforce and by the end of the year, two hundred plus militant and terrorist were killed. While doing so fifty plus armed forces personnel also sacrificed their lives. Despite all this, few human rights organisation were pointing out civilian deaths too which is not justified as most of the civilian died only in crossfire while stone pelting.


In my opinion, those who are protecting militants or terrorists and pelting stone, They are also potential militant. They know what they are doing and what will be cost to them. But in few cases, stone pelters were forced at the point of the gun to protect militants. I have sympathy for them. But if they were not dealt with forces then they would have helped those terrorists and eventually countless more lives would have been at risk. You know Local Kashmiris also want peace and they have also helped Security Personnel. By providing time to time intelligence to them and without these intelligence, operations All Out could not have been this much success.


By the end of 2017 Operation, All Out had brought changes in Kashmir's situation. But stone pelting incident increased in 2018 and it was last resort of terrorists. Because 90% of Kashmiri wants peace and they were coerced into throwing stones by means of power and money. So one side they were suffering from unemployment and another side they have the risk of life. They chose to throw stone and few of them died too in spite of our security forces being lenient towards the civilians. Just by the end of 2018 more than 250 terrorists had been killed.


Despite these problems there are a few positive changes by local Kashmiri. Like in last week of December 2018 there was a rally in south Kashmir where for the post of 730+ soldiers thousands of Youth came. This shows that nationalism or love for our country has come back in Kashmir. But now things are in the hand of politicians.


However, in the long run, only a stable and strong government could provide them with a better Life. Because in democracy Armed forces have no power in it. Albeit Indian Army also started Sadhvabhna Mission in J&K parallel to Operation All Out. So armed forces have done more than they can. Now strong political intervention is necessary. Because it is evident that where there is a weak government, there is violent extremism whether be it Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria or in North-West Africa.

BlogsOperation All Out : All you want to know
BlogsOperation All Out : All you want to know


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