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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Akhilendra vikram Singh – 12 SSB Bangalore

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Akhilendra vikram singh

Recommended in first attempt from 12 SSB bangalore 

Hello everyone ! Myself Akhilendra Vikram Singh from Lucknow,UP would like to share my short story.
 There comes a time in your life when you have a strong urge to make things work for you.  After all, Glen Campbell famously said it once, “Life is too short not to enjoy it.” That’s      what happened to me. For a brief moment in my life, I wasn’t enjoying my time on this beautiful planet. Like any other competent engineering student with good scores, I decided to pursue MBA. I wrote the exam and got a decent percentile to get accepted in one of the reputed IIMs. Turns out, that MBA wasn’t cut out for me.
The urge which I mentioned at the start grew bigger with each passing day. And the next thing I knew, I was prepping for another entrance exam. This time for the CDS. Call it a beginner’s luck with hours of hard work, I cleared the exam and within a few weeks landed a call from 12 SSB Bangalore.

I reached on 7th of July,2017 and found 86 reporting candidates. On the same day 26 candidates were screened in .I took a deep breath, and my mind was fully focused on further tests.
On the very next morning we had the psychology test , I gave it with free mind and enjoyed every moment of the test.

I was scheduled for the interview on the same day,it was quite good and went for 50 minutes.
On the next day ground tasks began,the GTO was really good,I gave good ideas in HGT and FGT.
The command task assigned by the GTO were quite difficult,but I managed to finish it in the required time.
Finally the Conference day came , I was very much excited and nervous too.
Span of the conference was 5 minutes and very simple routine questions were asked.

Now time came,when Officer arrived with an envelope and stood in front of us,holding the envelope which had the names.

As he started announcing the names,my name was the first he called out , along with 3 more names.

Feeling the immense joy, I called my father to share the good news and he replied by saying how proud he is of me. I bided my time as the wait-list was out. Cut to now, I have begun my training and am standing here to tell you that with true grit, determination, and blessings of your loved ones – you can simply conquer anything.  

One thing I suggest, be truthful to your yourself and if you really work hard , no one can stop you to achieve your goal.

“Hard work beats talent, when talent does not work hard” .

Thank You Ashutosh for sharing this.
(story shared via ashutosh)
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HeroesAkhilendra vikram Singh - 12 SSB Bangalore
HeroesAkhilendra vikram Singh - 12 SSB Bangalore
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