11 Breathtaking Pictures of Apache Attack Helicopter

Today, the IAF formally inducted the AH-64E Apache Attack Helicopter into its inventory at Air Force Station Pathankot.

These attack helicopters are the most modern variant of the Apache helicopters. All eight choppers are of the AH-64 variant, which is the most modern variant of the Apache.

apache attack helicopter iaf

iaf apache

apache helicopter

indian air force apache

air force officer

air chief marshal

apache longbow helicopter india

air force station pathankot

water cannon salute

apache helicopter pilot

apache attack

It is the only available combat helicopter with a spectrum of capabilities for virtually any mission requirement.
For the AH-64 E, this includes greater thrust and lift, joint digital operability, improved survivability and cognitive decision aiding.

It is uniquely suited to meet the commander’s needs including reconnaissance but most importantly security, peacekeeping operations and certainly lethal attack in both land and littoral environments all without reconfiguration.

The choppers will be used for ferrying heavy loads in the mountainous region of Ladakh and other areas for the Army and Air Force requirements.