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Lalit Purchased SSB OIR 3 e-Book (Solved 500+ Questions) Jan. 23, 2021

Practical Science eBook download



    Download Practical science eBook (PDF) instantly


    • practical science concepts on newtons law, law of motion, instrument,their uses, dimensions
    • Graphs, work, energy, gravity, power, waves, Heat statements
    • lens, mirror, Light, current, charge, electricity, magnetism,
    • matter, diamond, graphite, alkali metals, plaster of paris, application of metals
    • valency, bonds, oxidation, reduction
    • cell kingdoms, components, root, stem,leaf, flower, shrub, starch and cellulose
    • photosynthesis, plants, hormones, gases and blood
    • human body, systems and diseases
    • Also every other concept required by UPSC
    • Furthermore it also includes General science concepts with simple point to point formulae, statements, facts.
    • It generally covers everything from physics, chemistry and Biology

    In general this ebook is a complete solution to NDA/CDS Science. Additionally, it is specially helpful for students from non-science background. Overall one going through this ebook will definitely get an edge over others in his/her examination

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    Content inside is amazing. Extremely helpful for student like me who is not from science background.


    this e-book is good. it serves the purpose


    Thanks for Support, Received

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