The main purpose of screening is to screen out 40% to 60% candidates, who prima facie, do not possess in adequate measure, the required attributes.

There are a number of aspirants who aren't satisfied with the screening process. It's true that they sometimes call it a mere "luck.

The SSB boards are shouldered with the responsibility to emphasize on those candidates who always bear the following mindset:

"The safety, honour and welfare of your country comes first, always and everytime.

The honour, welfare and comfort of the men you command comes next.

Your own ease, comfort and safety comes last, always and everytime" – Field Marshall chetwode

One who understands the gravity of this sentence will never have a difficulty in understanding what is needed at SSB boards.

SSB boards need the "Right candidates" , because, one day you may lead your men in war. Consequently for your men, your orders would mean the difference between life and death. Therefore one wrong person selected can pose a threat to lives of many people.

Let me give you a common example.

Suppose, you go to buy a gold coin. The jeweler hands you the coin and you look at it in awe, by its glittering external appearance. By chance, you happen to slide your fingers over it and notice some particles coming off. Now in doubt, you further slightly rub the coin and find there is only a gold polish upon the surface and observing underneath, you found it to be made of some other metal. Frankly tell me, would you like to buy such a coin?

This is exactly the same way, the SSB’s function as a whole. They just slide their fingers over the aspirants using their primary techniques ( Stage I screening) and see the particles of artificial behaviour coming off. Moreover, they rub you over and above, thus revealing your unnatural and facade personality ( Stage II testing).

As you didn’t buy the above coin, they don’t want to buy you either. The Armed Forces has a ‘ Right Fit’ philosophy, wherein the Selection Centres are not aware of the vacancies and they recommend aspirants for selection, whom they find fit for the services.