What is Rashtriya Rifles | Elite Counter Insurgency Force

What is Rashtriya Rifles | Elite Counter Insurgency Force

what is rashtriya rifles

Rashtriya Rifles (RR) is the Counter Insurgency force of Indian Army. The Rashtriya Rifles comes under the Ministry of Defence. The RR is responsible for Counter Insurgency operations, Corden and Search operations and maintaining the peace in Kashmir valley. The Favorite weapon of RR is AK-47.


The raising of Rashtriya Rifles started vin the early 1990s. Keeping the eye on terror activities in the Kashmir valley, the battalions of RR were raised. In the initial days, there were only 6 Battalions of RR working under 2 Sectors. Presently there are 40000 soldiers serving in the Rashtriya Rifles.

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The Soldiers and Officers are deputed from the Various branches of Indian Army. The major part of soldiers comes from Infantry followed by other arms and services. The soldiers and officers are deputed for 2-3 years in the respective RR Battalion serving in the Valley. The Financial aid and Funding of Rashtriya Rifles comes under the Ministry of Home Affairs. The members of RR are trained in Battle schools and Counter Insurgency schools in the Kashmir Valley.

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The HQ of RR Units

All the Rashtriya Rifles battalions comes under the individual Headquarters known as “Counter Insurgency Force”. There are five Counter Insurgency Forces in the valley.

1. Delta Force – Doda, Jammu and Kashmir
2. Kilo Force – Kupwara, Baramulla & Srinagar
3. Romeo Force – Poonch and Rajori
4. Victor Force – Pulwama, Shopian, Ananthnag & Kulgam
5. Uniform Force – Udhampur & Banihal

These five forces comes under the 15 Corps and 16 Corps of Indian Army. A Major General Rank officer heads the each force. The five forces operate under a specific Sector. There are around 12 sectors in the Kashmir Valley. At present, there are 65+ battalions in the Rashtriya Rifles, and each are affiliated to individual Regiments of Indian Army.

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Achievements of Rashtriya Rifles

The RR is playing a key role in vanishing the terrorists and maintain peace in the valley. As a result, in 2020 the RR neutralized more than 100 terrorists in the Kashmir Valley. The 19 RR (Sikh Light Infantry) killed the most dreaded terrorist Burhan wani in the Kashmir valley. The terrorist Samir tiger challenged the Major Rohit Shukla, 44 RR, and the terrorist was neutralized within 24 hours and Major Rohit Shukla was awarded Shaurya Chakra.




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