what is difference between IMA & OTA in CDS exams

Difference between IMA & OTA in CDS exams  

In general there is always a confusion among aspirants as to what is IMA & OTA in CDS exams. Let's Understand this in detail. Aspirants who appear for CDSE will give 3 papers.

  • PAPER – 1 is ENGLISH

These two papers are compulsory. Aspirants should qualify in both the papers with minimum 20 marks each. Furthermore, candidate has to score minimum aggregate cut off as decided by UPSC. Only then he is shortlisted for OFFICERS TRAINING ACADEMY and called for SSB

  • PAPER – 3 is MATH

This paper is optional. One has to qualify in mathematics by obtaining 20 marks. In addition he needs score minimum cut off for IMA as decided by UPSC. Only then does he qualify for IMA

differencebetween ima nad ota in cds exams

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