Watch US Army Band Playing Indian National Anthem

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A band of US army played the Indian National Anthem during Yudh Abhyas 2019, a joint exercise between the Indian and US Army in Washington.

The anthem was played at the Joint Base Lewis McChord, Washington, during the concluding day of the ‘Yudh Abhyas 2019.

Yudh Abhyas is one of the largest running joint military training and defence corporation endeavours between India and the US. This is the 15th edition of the joint exercise hosted alternately between the two countries.

The exercise, which began on September 5, is aimed at countering the threat of international terrorism through mutual training and jointness.

During the exercise, both armies jointly trained, planned and executed a series of well-developed operations for neutralisation of threats of varied nature.

It will result in higher degree of jointmanship that will further facilitate interoperability between armed forces of both countries to meet any unforeseen contingency across the globe.