Strategic Forces Command – All You Need To Know

strategic forces command

Strategic Forces Command SFC is a part of India’s Nuclear Command Authority. It is also known as Strategic Nuclear Command. The Command is responsible to handle and manage the Indian Nuclear Warheads. The Indian Nuclear warheads stockpile is kept under this Command. The Command is responsible for launching the Nuclear Missile upon the clearance of Nuclear Command Authority.

nuclear command authority

The Strategic Forces Command was created on 4 January 2003. It is commanded by a three star rank general Officer of either of three forces. The first commander in chief of Strategic Forces Command was Air Marshal Teja Mohan Asthana .The Command Solely responsible for delivering the Nuclear Weapons from Air, Sea and Land based Platforms. The Present Chief of SFC is Air Marshal Navkaranjit Singh Dhillon, AVSM.

According to the reports, 40 fighter jets are specially upgraded to deliver the Nuclear Warheads in the time War like Situation. The Air platforms like Mirage 2000 Fighters of Gwalior AFS and Jaguar Ground Attack Jets of Ambala and Gorakhpur AFS are capable of delivering the Nuclear Weapons.

indian nuclear command authority

The SFC currently operates the Pruthvi Ballistic Missiles and Agni Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles from Land Based Launch Platforms. These missiles can be launched from Transport Launchers and Pre-designated Silos.

Sea based platforms such as Submarines, Frigates and Destroyers are assigned with Strike role. The K-15 Sagarika, Dhanush Ballistic Missile and K-4 Ballistic Missile are the Nuclear Capable Weapons assigned with Strike Roles. The Command and Control of Strategic Forces Command are kept Confidential for Security Reasons.




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