The Service selection Board most commonly known as SSB is one of the prestigious interview board. It is responsible for inducting quality officers into the Army/Navy/Airforce. There are many famous personalities who have attended SSB interview. Some could make it while some could not. Not many get the opportunity to experience the SSB, therefore you are lucky enough if you have been to one.

Dr APJ Abdul kalam

I appeared for the interview at DTD&P(Air) and did well at the interview. The questions were of a routine nature, and did not challenge my knowledge of the subject. Then I proceeded to Dehradun for my interview at the Air Force Selection Board. At the Selection Board, the emphasis was more on “personality” than on intelligence. Perhaps they were looking for physical fitness and an articulate manner. I was excited but nervous, determined but anxious, confident but tense. I could only finish ninth in the batch of 25 examined to select eight officers for commissioning in the Air Force and was deeply disappointed. It took me some time to comprehend that the opportunity to join the Air Force had just slipped through my fingers


I was a defence aspirant like you all who have appeared various times for the SSB. I tried couple of times but could not make it. Of course there are emotions, dissatisfaction and disappointments but you have to move ahead with life. Fortunately, I was destined for something else.


He always had a dream to join Indian Army and also appeared for the SSB but was not recommended. Though he was a defence enthusiast, his parents never really wanted him to pursue his career in defence. But his love for defence can be seen even in the film industry where he played a role of Major, Flight lieutenant, also he did a Famous TV serial called "Fauji" back in 1988


Rahul dravid, one of the legendary player of Indian cricket team did his graduation from bangalore. He too was a defence enthusiasts. Despite various attempts he could not make through the SSB interview. There are many more personalities to name but the central point is to convey that you should be proud enough to undergo this process once in a life. Getting recommended or not is altogether a different story but if you think deep, you will definitely learn a life long lesson from service selection board. Here, at this noble platform we give You the opportunity to share your SSB experience with the world.