Shikhar singh

Recommended in 2nd attempt from 4 AFSB varanasi

I am Shikhar Singh. I was recommended from 4 AFSB Varanasi for Air force and cleared my CPSS. Got 36th Rank in merit list.

This is my UPSC NDA admit card

It was in my second attempt. In first attempt I was conference out from 11SSB Allahabad. It was totally heart breaking for me. I literally lost all my hope but thanks to my parents and their wishes, I started working for it again.

The mistakes I did in my first attempt was that I went there with a fake personality that I thought i was perfect for the armed forces, but since the testing procedures of SSB is too good to test us, they caught it and I was conference out. In my second attempt, I went there with full honesty and more fitness. Also in the psychological tests, rather than giving pre-assumed answers, I wrote natural answer and wrote what I feel was right. Last time in interview, I did a lot of mistakes like lying about myself and not studying thoroughly. That interview was done in 25 minutes.

This time, I decided to remain honest and prepared for the GK section (thanks to DDE) and speaking ability so that I don't mess that up.

This time, the interview went for 1 hour and 15 minutes. In the GTOs, I gave enough ideas in the tasks and performed well.
Defence direct education has helped me a lot to gain knowledge and kept me motivated.

Finally, i was recommended. So all the aspirants out there, just believe on yourself and keep working. As our great soldier Captain Manoj kumar Pandey said,

"Some goals are so worthy, it's glorious even to fail".

Thank you