Quarantine Procedures For Candidates At SSB Bangalore

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Quarantine Procedures For Candidates At SSB Bangalore. The SSB interviews are planned to be held in Bangalore from 31st July onwards. Candidates from all over the country attend the week long SSB interview. As per the current policy of the Govt, any inter-state traveller has to be at Home Quarantine for a period of 14 days. Hence, the SSB candidates have sought clarification if they need to come 14 days before to the date of interview and also quarantine themselves for 14 days at their cost.

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This issue has been examined by the Home-Quarantine team (NHWC Neighbourhood Home-Quarantine Watch and Care). As such, the candidates coming for SSB will be treated as ‘business travellers’ and hence are automatically exempted from the 14 days Home Quarantine rule. In addition to that, as per the requirement of SSB, they also are coming with a Covid negative certificate. They also are camped inside the campus where SSB is conducted.

In this background, it is clarified that there is no need for 14 days ‘Home quarantine’ and as such the candidate are advised to report at the BRCs (Border Receiving Centres), at the Airport /Railway station/Bus terminus, as special business travellers coming for SSB by producing the SSB call letter.

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Upon that, they will be allowed to proceed to the SSB campus with a ‘Quarantine stamp’ plus initial of ‘SSB’. The list of those candidates who have reported to the SSB campus will be collected daily and tallied with the list of candidates reported at the BRCs. If there is any discrepancy, it will be reported to the SSB. Also, necessary action will be taken against such candidates as per law in addition to them being shifted to an Institutional Quarantine facility at their cost and liability.