Physical Fitness And Sports At OTA Chennai

Physical Fitness And Sports At OTA Chennai

ota chennai sports

Physical fitness and sports at Officers Training Academy, Chennai. It is one of the premier Pre-commission Training Institutions of Indian Army, which is designed to commission approximately 750 Short Service Commissioned Army officers each year. It is the only Academy in the Country to grant Short Service Commission to women into various Arms and Services of Indian Army. This elite Academy imparts quality military training to selected and capable youth of the country and sculpts these boys and girls into future military commanders.

A candidate gets a prior notice of likely call up of two months through joining instructions for necessary preparation even before the merit list is published online. It is advisable that he / she conditions himself / herself physically to cope with the physically demanding training. Failure to achieve the minimum laid down standard may lead to relegation to junior course or withdrawal.

sports in ota chennai

Joining Standards : The minimum physical standards expected of a Cadet when joining the Academy is:

Minimum Standards on Arrival

2.4 Km run10 mins13 mins 30 sec
Sit Ups3025
Push Up4010
Chin Up0602

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Physical Training :  Physical Training at OTA, Chennai requires agility, strength, endurance and flexibility. The Cadets should therefore focus on gradual improvement of fitness levels to achieve the desired levels. Adequate preparation before commencement of the course will aid in avoiding injuries and consequent pressures in successfully completing the course.

ota chennai sports

Swimming : Cadets who are non-swimmers are advised to learn the fundamentals of swimming from an authorised coach. He /she should attempt to swim up to fifty meters using any stroke less back stroke. Clearance of jump from a 5 m board and 10 m board is essential in I and II Terms respectively.

Games / Sports : Team games such as football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, hand ball and individual contact sports like boxing (gentlemen) and judo (ladies) are an integral part of the Academy curriculum. Facilities for other sports like tennis, squash, cricket and golf are also available in the Academy. Cross-country competition is an important event that is keenly fought between competing companies.




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