Life of overstudy and understudy at NDA IMA

Life of overstudy and understudy at academies

Many aspirants are unaware of the term called overstudy and understudy. So, let's understand them

These refer to your term in the academy (National defence academy, Indian Military academy)

overstudy and understudy

1st termers are called "Understudy". They have the craziest privilege. Moreover, they can do mistakes, they can mess things up and tell the seniors that they are first-termers and get away with it most of the time. So, you would be wondering who overstudy is?

Well, apparently every first-termer is allotted an overstudy (a third termer) who is his academy "Dad"

The overstudy looks after the first-termer, mentors him, punishes him, makes him aware of the academy and whatever mistakes the first-termer (the understudy) commits, the overstudy has to take the punishment for that. Eventually, it's an interesting "Dad-son" relation. 

Most of all it serves the purpose. The 1st termer is new to the environment and needs to be aware of certain stories which an instructor won't tell him otherwise. Understudy can clear all his doubts with his overstudy.

Similarly, when the understudy GC becomes senior, he becomes the overstudy and is allotted a 1st termer GC.

overstudy and understudy