Offensive And Defensive Measures Of Submarine

offensive defensive measures submarine

Offensive and Defensive measures of Submarine. Submarine is a underwater ship with underwater submerging capabilities. The Submarine is the deadliest asset of the any Navy. The main feature of a Submarine is how Stealth the submarine is and how less noise it makes when underwater.

The Indian Navy has around 17 Submarines, including two nuclear Powered submarines. The Indian Navy submarines carry a large variety of Weapons are carried by Submarines like :

offensive measures submarine

  1. Light and heavy weight Torpedoes
  2. Anti Ship Cruise missile
  3. Vertical Launch Nuclear Missile
  4. Under water Mines

The main asset of a submarine is its sonar. Sonar detects the enemy presence around the submarine. The submarine uses offensive and defensive measures in the underwater warfare.

Offensive measures

The sonar sends the sound waves in the direction of enemy boats and when the waves are reflected back to Sonar. The distance and direction of Enemy boat is calculated. The Offensive actions of Submarine are:

  1. For Ships above the surface of water, the Anti ship missiles are fired from Submarine.
  2. For Submarine below the surface of water, the light and heavy weight torpedoes are fired from tubes.
  3. The Underwater mines are also deployed incase the enemy submarine makes through it then it will be destroyed.

Indian Navy Submarine

Defensive measures

The Stealth feature and less noise makes submarine deadly. If torpedoed by enemy submarine, then submarine uses following defensive measures

  1. The decoys, these works as the copy of submarine. The decoys are deployed to drift the enemy torpedo away from the submarine, so that the submarine gets out of the range of torpedo.
  2. The submarine carries out a high end movements like Zig zag maneuvers and High speed maneuvers, so that the energy of Torpedo is consumed and it gives enough time for submarine to get out of the kill range of Torpedo.

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