National Cadet Corps Celebrates 72nd Anniversary

National Cadet Corps NCC

National Cadet Corps was established in the year 1948. The NCC is a youth wing which comes under aegis of Ministry of Defence. It is open for the Schools and Colleges that offering NCC during the course Duration. The motto of NCC is Unity and Discipline. The Important camps and Programs of NCC is Republic Day Camp and Youth Exchange Program.

National Cadet Corps

Every Cadet of NCC lives best up to the motto “Unity and Discipline”. NCC has total 17 Directorates spread across the India. The National Cadet Corps is headed by Three star rank General Officer i.e Lieutenant General and it’s Equivalent rank. The Cadets are taught some basic military training where the Cadets learn to operate the small arms. Along with the Military Training, cadets are exposed to many cultural and Personality Development programs.

indian army military intelligence

NCC training is offered for both Boys and Girls. The Junior Wing and Senior Wing. The training of Junior Wing is 2 years for school students. The training of Senior Wing is 3+1 years for college students. The Cadets attend the one mandatory camp I.e CATC (Combined Annual Training Camp). The module of Camp is designed such a way that the cadets are taught Drill, Small weapons handling, Personal Hygiene, mess and Guard duties. There will be Cultural Programs at the end of CATC. There are 3 Certificates in NCC i.e A certificate is awarded for Junior Wing and B & C is awarded for Senior Wing. There is a specific direct entry for NCC C certificate holders to join the Armed Forces.

Weapon Training At NCC

Apart from CATC, there are other camps for which cadets are selected through their battalions. Such camps are :
NIC – National Integration Camp
TSC – Tal Sena Camp (similar for Airforce and Navy Cadets)
Unit Attachment Camps
RDC – Republic Day Camp

The Cadets see the Republic Day Camp with high dignity. RDC is one of the lifetime moment to be a part of Republic Day Parade Contingent. Prime Minister of India and other Officials meet the Cadets at RDC. Many cadets are awarded during the RDC ceremony.

Republic Day Camp

Apart from NCC training, the cadets assist the Civilian Authorities for any kind assistance in need. Selected NCC cadets participate in Youth Exchange Program which is a country to country exchange of cadets belonging to NCC/ equivalent Govt/ youth organizations of friendly countries. The Cadets of both the countries interact with each other in host of trainings and understand each culture and tradition. NCC has a Youth Exchange Program with 11 countries like Kazakhstan, Singapore, Russia and others.

Youth Exchange Program YEP

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