Military Satellites Of India – All You Need To Know

military satellites of india

India operates a set of Military Satellites in space to coordinate the operations of modernizing Indian Armed Forces. Let us have a look at the military satellites of India :


EMISAT is a reconnaissance satellite developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation under the Project Kautilya. The Satellite was launched in April 2019. The Main Purpose of EMISAT is to provide real time space Intelligence of Enemy Radars and its situational activities.

2. RISAT Series Satellites

RISAT Satellites are developed by Indian Space Research Organisation. The RISAT Satellites have Israeli Synthetic Aperture Radar with day and night monitoring Capability. It used also used to Track the Enemy Ships in Indian Ocean Region.

emisat drdo india

3. CARTOSAT Series Satellites

CARTOSAT Satellites are developed by ISRO for Indian Defence Forces. The Main Purpose of CARTOSAT Satellites is to take Panchromatic Black and White pictures of earth. The Satellites can be Steered to 45 degrees for accurate pictures. CARTOSAT satellites are really beneficial in keeping an eye of Line of Control, Line of Actual Control and other Border Areas.

4. GSAT Series Satellites

GSAT Satellites are developed by ISRO for Indian Defence Forces. These are the Communication Satellites of Indian Armed Forces. These Satellites provide Real time Input to Warships, Submarines and Aircrafts. The Satellites monitor the activities at Indian Ocean Region.

military satellites india

The other Military Satellites like HySIS and Microsat-R are extensively used for Situational Awareness of Security through Space.




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