Meet Lt Anjali, From A Techie To Army Officer

ota passing out parade

On 7th Septemper, 30 lady cadets passsed out from the prestigious Officers Training Academy, Chennai  after a rigorous training of 49 weeks. Among these cadets was Lt. Anjali Narayan who left her IT job to join the Indian Army.

Working in TCS for three years, Anjali Narayan (26) felt the 9 to 5 job had become monotonous for her. A decision to do something challenging then brought her to the army.

Later, it was in Bengaluru, she came to know about the short service commission. She got an all India rank in her fourth attempt.

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‘’I have always had this dream to be part of armed forces. I would rather sweat than to be in an AC Room,’’ she said. Anjali said awareness about the military was not high in her hometown Patna. More importantly, it was rare for women to join the army.

When asked for her message to young girls, She said, “Young ladies, it is high time we should be part of the defence force and there is nothing that we cannot do.’’


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