Manpower Reforms In Armed Forces | CDS General Bipin Rawat

indian army pension reforms
In the Amidst of modernizing the Indian Military, the Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat has initiated the new reforms in the Indian Armed Forces. The statement of CDS General Bipin Rawat said that to retain the Highly Skilled manpower of Technical Branches of Indian Armed Forces. The Age limit of retirement would be increased in order use maximum manpower of Officers and Jawans.
manpower reforms armed forces
1. The Retirement age of Colonel and its equivalent ranks in Air Force and Navy is increased from 54 to 57 years.
2. The Retirement age of Brigadier and its equivalent rank of Air Force and Navy is increased from 56 to 58 years.
3. The Retirement age of Major General and its Equivalent rank of Air Force and Navy is increased from 58 to 59 years.
The NCOs and JCOs retirement age is increased to 57 years. The technical and logistics branches like EME, ASC, Signals and other Arms are included in this revision.
The pension scheme has also been revised.
1. Retirement after 20-25 years will be getting 50% of pension.
2. Retirement after 25-30 years will be getting 60% of pension.
3. Full completion of service of 35 years will be entitled with full pension.
cds general bipin rawat
The retirement reasons due to casualties and medical status will not be revised. The CDS General Bipin Rawat also stated that there will be more such reforms in the Indian Military in the way to modernize the forces.

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