The Leadership Guide : SSB interview

What great leaders actually do ? What are the major practices of leadership ?

we keep asking ourselves these questions , don't we ? Let me make it simple for you . Today you will get all the answers you were looking for regarding leadership .

Basically leadership is a combination of 6 practices .


  1. Envision :Great leaders envision a brighter future.This is one of the essential qualities required in a defence officer,right ? A defence officer needs to be visionary .Where there's no vision there's no leadership .
  2. Enlist :Enlist other people .You got a team , it's other peoples vision too . Listen to their ideas.Remember a great leader is not someone who walks ahead of his team but the one who walks with his team .
  3. Embody:Leaders stand for something and they work towards it .They not only say that they are after something ,their behavior reflects it.
  4. Empowering:It means to give people a power to make decisions .To allow them to freely express their views To teach them the skill to achieve the vision .Empowering people so that they can be the next leaders.
  5. Evaluate:Basically this is the reality check .we need to know where we stand .Therefore they keep checking how much miles covered and how many more to go .Most importantly feedback plays a vital role here.
  6. Encourage :Keep motivating team.A leader is one who maintains liveliness despite failures and setbacks.

Now these principles are not in particular for defence aspirants,this is in general for all of you out there reading this .A defence aspirant or not , trust me it'll be very useful for you if you apply these practices in your life 🙂 .