Kyrgyzstan women officers get training in OTA

Kyrgyzstan women officers get training in OTA

Five women officers of the Kyrgyzstan Defence Forces picked up rifles and fired shots at the target at the Officers Training Academy, Chennai. Weapons training is one of the many activities undertaken by the five Kyrgyz women officers for the past two weeks at OTA.

The officers have been training in activities such as obstacle course, weapons training, lecture and demonstrations on tactical subjects, swimming and equestrian.

OTA is the only academy in India which trains women to be army officers and has been training women officers and cadets from the militaries of friendly nations.

Till now OTA has trained 411 women officers from foreign countries like Bhutan Seychelles, Afghanistan, Maldives and Uganda. 

The officers have experience of 7 to 17 years and are ranked from Lietunant to Lieutenant Colonel.

Their training will end in the first week of May.


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