5 Things to know about yourself before appearing for SSB

Now that you have got a call for SSB there are few things you must work upon

Knowing Yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

"Watch your thoughts-They become words",

"Watch your words-They become actions"

"Watch your actions-They become habits",

"Watch your habits- They become character"

"Watch your character- IT BECOMES YOUR DESTINY"

Now here is the list of 5 things to know about yourself before SSB.

1)Get to know about your hobbies. Make a list of your interests. Hobbies and interests are totally different terms therefore never merge them. Know about your likes and dislikes,

2)You should have clear information about your schooling, graduations, marks secured, Your outstanding achievements, participation's, the moment in your life when you were most proud and most embarrassed. Also about your friend friend circle, why are they your best friends ?

3)Along with all your basic information you should have information about your brother/sister too such as her age, where she did her schooling, graduation, percentage she secured. In addition you should also have knowledge about her achievements

4)You should have information about Your parents, their annual income, where they work, what is his/her profession. Furthermore, if your father/mother are/were in Indian armed forces then you should definitely gather the information about his first posting, year of joining the service, total years of service, about his parent unit/corps and his achievements during the service.

5)You have to gather information about your native place, its population and what is it famous for ? which is the nearest city. Also gather the same about your present residence