Journey of two childhood friends who passed out together at IMA

Journey of two childhood friends who passed out together at IMA

The Indian Military Academy (IMA) Dehradun witnessed passing out parade on Saturday where 428 Gentlemen Cadets passed out in this ceremony. Of these 428, 347 cadets are set to join the Indian Army as officers. 80 foreign cadets of seven friendly nations were also among the passing out cadre, and will join the armies of their respective nations.

Talking about the passing out parade, we have an interesting story of two childhood friends who passed out last year from the prestegious Indian Military Academy.

Lt Shubham baunthiyal and Lt Vineet khanna met each other in class 7. They both studied in Army Public School and luckily got the same class (same section) and surprisingly had one goal to serve the nation.

From the very beginning we had one goal of our life and that was to serve the nation as an Indian Army officer.
We had a tough time when we were not able to get through nda. It was a big set back for us and a bigger blow on our dreams. However, destiny had something good for us.
we kept motivating each other and never gave up on our dreams. Later, after being graduated from my college i got recommended in my first attempt, it should have been the happiest moment for me but unfortunately my friend couldn't make it.
Though on one hand i was happy that i would be joining the academy but on other hand i was down to know that our dream of passing out together was shattered.

But call it a luck or destiny, he cleared his ssb in next attempt from TGC entry.


Talking about Academy days, they were tough as they are supposed to be. Be it from ragda of weapon training area to that of officers we enjoyed everything
Specially camps and its route marches
Finally we marched passed in a same contingent standing next to each other & passed out on same day. It is undoubtedly the happiest moment for me.