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suchi Purchased SSB GTO : Do it all e-Book (PDF) March 29, 2020




    Download History Package instantly


    • Buddhism, Jainism, Indus valley civilization & other civilizations
    • port cities, Alexander empire, Mauryan empire
    • Mauryas decline, kushans, sangam, Guptas, hashvardhan, Nalanda and rashrtrakuta
    • Rajput kingdom, sultanate, Builder & their buildings, taxes, saints and their philosophies
    • Mughals, Portuguese and french rulers
    • wars, battles, governor generals, revolts, revenue systems
    • independence events,kings and poet, kings & dynasty Temples and builders
    • Treaties, magazines, journals
    • Ancient texts, philosophies, founders
    • Important key points of vedic age, later vedic age
    • Philosophies and their founders
    • Key points of independence era
    • In addition World history at a glance
    • Moreover Total coverage of ancient, medieval history and pre independence era
    • In addition you will find video lectures


    • E-Books are PDF which can be accessed anytime anywhere. Furthermore lectures do not expire and has unlimited validity with as many views as the aspirant wishes.

    In general this package covers everything you ever wanted to know about history. Overall it is extremely beneficial for NDA/CDS. Furthermore everything with regard to UPSC has been covered. Therefore one can gain the confidence of answering his/her history questions.

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    pros: point to point discussion covers every topic no unwanted junk saves time cons: unless you are using the corresponding video the ebook seems boring.

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