Facts About The BSF You Need To Know

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing good with your preparations. As you know, the Border Security Force (BSF) is the primary border defence organisation of India. And most importantly, there are seven central armed police forces in India and it is one of them. Like the premier defence forces of India BSF also has its own cadre of officers. But its head, designated as a Director-General (DG), is an officer from the Indian Police Service.

Border Security Force

  • Firstly, BSF was formed due to the exposure of the weakness of the Indian border security system after the Indo-Pak war of 1965.
  • And above all, this is the only paramilitary forces in India having its own artillery, marine and air wings.
  • Only a few countries in the world have a canal cavalry and India's BSF is one of those forces.
  • BSF is also one of the largest border guarding forces in the world with 186 battalions and 2.4 lakh personnel to its name.
  • The ‘National Training Center for Dogs’ under it also trains canine experts in the infantry, patrolling, detection of explosives and tracking.

  • They also have an elite force called the Creek Commando Force for the harsh creek area of Gujarat. And certainly, these are trained to endure the harshest of environments.
  • In the process of freeing up Bangladesh from Pakistan, this force played a key role in that.
  • And talking about the Wagah border ceremony which gives goosebumps to the viewers. BSF is the one who conducts this ceremony on the Indian side Wagah border.
  • In 2003, it was this force which killed the mastermind of the Indian Parliament attack of 200.
  • And lastly, women hold significant positions including those of combat ranks there.

With the badass moto of "Duty Unto Death", they are responsible to protect our borders whether in a war or peacetime.

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