ACC is an entry which provides an option to the currently serving jawans of the Indian Army to serve as a commissioned officer.


ACC Cadets are trained at Indian Military Academy, Dehradun

How to join AFA

There are two simple steps of Joining ACC. First one is Passing ACC Written exams & the second one is clearing a subsequent interview

How difficult is the written exam

ACC is an objective type paper (Multiple choice questions) AFCAT written exam consists of 4 Papers and all 4 are held consecutively in 4 different days.

“General Mental Ability Test”
Paper 1 Consisting of
Non verbal reasoning (75 Questions)
Verbal Reasoning (15 Questions) Numeric ability (60 Questions)
300 (150 questions carrying 2 marks each) 3 Hours
“Current General Awareness”
Paper 2 consisting of Military awareness & general awareness
300 (150 questions carrying 2 marks each) 3 Hours
“Communicative English”
Paper 3 consisting of
  • English MCQ (60 Q)
  • English Non-MCQ
300 Marks
(120 Marks for MCQ types and 180 Marks for descriptive type)
1 Hour
“Academic Test” consisting of
Paper 3 consisting of
  • Maths, (50 Questions)
  • General Science (50 Questions)
  • Humanities (50 Questions)
300 Marks 3 Hours

Once you have cleared your written exam, you will get a call for preliminary interview with your CO who will assess you. After successful interview with the CO, you will get a date for the interview at SSB (Service selection Board). You will be sent to the Personality development classes on behalf of the unit before the SSB interview and thereby giving you an additional chance of enhancing the personality.

How often is the exam conducted

ACC exam is conducted twice in a year. To appear in the exam one has to apply offline by submitting the ACC application form to the unit. The ACC form has to be obtained by the Unit Records. Instructions and help can be taken from the concerned record office of your Corps


Applications are out offline at your Records office.

  • Obtain the form by visiting units AG branch/Records office
  • Fill the forms with the help of the instructions
  • Get it duly attested
  • Submit as per the instructions received.

What is the eligibility to appear

Age 20 -27 . Additionally, you need to have served at least for 2 years.

Passed 10+2 or equivalent diploma.

Gender Both Married and unmarried Male candidates.

What's next after clearing exam

After clearing your exam, you will receive a call letter for AFSB interview. Once you are recommended by the AFSB, you will undergo a total medical examination. At this stage if you are declared medically unfit you will be sent back. As soon as you are declared medically fit, your name will be accommodated in the Merit List.

Ranking in merit list is identified by the total marks secured by the candidate in written exam and interview. Finally let’s assume there are 100 candidates who made into the merit list and your rank in merit list is 68 further the vacancies required are just 70, In that case everyone ranking from 1 to 70 will get a Call letter to join the academy (course) for training.

Rest of the candidates will be considered merit out and have to undergo the same procedure again from scratch including written examination.

About training

Once declared medically fit by the medical boards you will be called up for joining ACC wing, Dehradun. After 3 years of compulsory training at ACC wing one goes through 1 year at IMA (Indian military academy).

After successful completion of 1 year at IMA, Gentleman cadet passes out as lieutenant.

Furthermore, All your expenses will be borne by government. You will be provided with all basic necessities and leisure wherever required. Special care is taken at the MESS where the best class of delicacy are served everyday.

Over these benefits you are also liable to receive stipend per month at your respective service academies. The stipend keeps accumulating till your Passing out parade (POP) and total sum can be encashed at the end.

Once you are commissioned as an officer, your starting salary will range anywhere around 80k keeping aside all other benefits and perks.

Finally, if you intentionally leave the academy in between, you are liable to reimburse the cost of training.

Frequently Asked Questions