DRDO Carbine clears user trials for the Indian Armed Forces

DRDO JVPC joint venture protective carbine

DRDO JVPC Joint Venture Protective Carbine has cleared the user trials conducted on 7th of December. Meeting all the requirements of Indian Armed Forces, it has successfully completed Summer and Winter Trials in the extreme conditions laid by Testing Authorities. This milestone is seen as an initial step of Inducting the JVPC Carbine in the Armed Forces.

JVPC is an abbreviation of Joint Venture Protective Carbine. It is a Gas operated Semi Bull Pup Automatic Weapon 5.56×30 mm having more than 700 rpm rate of fire. The Effective Range of JVPC weapon is 100m. It weighs about 3 Kg.


The Key features of JVPC are :

1. High reliability
2. Low recoil
3. Retractable Butt
4. Ergonomic Design
5. Single hand firing capability
6. Multiple Picatinny rails and other Features

The DRDO JVPC Weapon gives a potent advantage for security forces in the Counter Insurgency and Anti Naxal Operations. The Carbine is designed by Armament Research and Development Establishment (ARDE), a Laboratory of DRDO located in Pune. The Weapon is manufactured in Small Arms Factory in Kanpur and Ammunition is manufactured at Ammunition Factory, Kirkee, Pune.

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The Weapon has cleared, the user trials and is in the final stage of Procurement for the Central Armed Police Forces and State Police Forces of Various States. The First Glimpse of JVPC weapon was seen at Defence Expo 2020 in Lucknow. The DRDO Chairman G. Satish Reddy Congratulated the ARDE Lab, Public and Private Sector companies for achieving this Milestone.

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