Commando School Belgaum- All You Need to Know

Commando School Belgaum- All You Need to Know

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Commando School Belgaum is one of the premier training institute of Indian Army. The school provides the commando training to the young soldiers and officers of the Indian Army. The Officers and Soldiers, who graduate from this school join the Ghatak platoon of their Units.

indian army Commando School

The Commando School is located in Cradle of Infantry Belgaum, Karnataka. The Maratha Light Infantry Regimental Centre and Junior Leaders Wing is also situated along with the Commando School.

Training at commando School


The training program in the Commando school is held for 35 days. A total of 350 trainees are taken into the single batch.

The Soldiers and Officers are trained in
1. Unarmed Combat
2. Day and Night Navigation
3. Cliff climbing
4. Weapons training
5. Heliborne Insertion

 indian army ghatak platoon

The Exercise Tod Phod is conducted to train the Soldiers/Officers to conduct the successful operations beyond the Enemy lines.

One of the most feared capsule of Commando School is The Lido Jump. The trainee is made to jump in the pool at height 10-15 meters. It consists of two parts.
1. Commando Slide
2. Lido Jump

Lido Jump Commando School

To Graduate from Commando School, the candidate must run 20km and 40km Marathons. Along with this, the trainee must also pass the Battle Obstacle Course with other training lessons learnt. The Trainees Graduating from Commando School join the Ghatak platoon in their units.

indian army commando training

Major Mohit Sharma, Captain Vikram Batra and Grenadier Yoginder Singh Yadav are the alumnus of this premier Institute.





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