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Megha Purchased OIR SSB ebook (PDF) download Feb. 27, 2020




    Download civics Package instantly


    • Constitution, fundamental duties, writs
    • international organisations,their base & motto
    • amendments in constitution, submission & resignation
    • time gap, parts of constitution, constituent assembly, committee
    • constitution timeline with general key points, constitutional ideas and borrowings
    • joint military exercises, armed forces, defence forces, medals and honours, Defence commands, defence factories.
    • training establishments, other important points Slogans, military operations, equivalent ranks
    • Moreover Glance at economics with details about market types, taxes, theories, models, micro & macro economics
    • Rather each topic is point to point
    • In addition to this you will find video lectures


    • E-Books are PDF which can be accessed anytime anywhere. Furthermore lectures do not expire and has unlimited validity with as many views as the aspirant wishes.

    In general this package covers everything you ever wanted to know about. Overall it is extremely beneficial for NDA/CDS. Furthermore everything with regard to UPSC has been covered. Therefore one can gain the confidence of answering his/her civics, defence related and economics questions.

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