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Anup Purchased WAT SSB e-Book (PDF) download Feb. 24, 2021




    Download civics eBook (PDF) instantly


    • Constitution, fundamental duties, writs
    • international organisations,their base & motto
    • amendments in constitution, submission & resignation
    • time gap, parts of constitution, constituent assembly, committee
    • constitution timeline with general key points, constitutional ideas and borrowings
    • joint military exercises, armed forces, defence forces, medals and honours, Defence commands, defence factories.
    • training establishments, other important points Slogans, military operations, equivalent ranks
    • Moreover Glance at economics with details about market types, taxes, theories, models, micro & macro economics
    • Rather each topic is point to point

    In general the ebook covers everything you ever wanted to know about. Overall it is extremely beneficial for NDA/CDS. Furthermore everything with regard to UPSC has been covered. Therefore one can gain the confidence of answering his/her civics, defence related and economics questions.

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