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Lalit Purchased SSB OIR 3 e-Book (Solved 500+ Questions) Jan. 23, 2021

CDS 2 Current affairs revision e-Book (PDF)



    Download CDS 2 current affairs revision eBook (PDF) instantly


    • segregated monthly current affairs revision notes from January to August
    • Simple font and excellent readability with Q & A format
    • Covering all the areas from meetings, committees, defense, organization, days, sports, technologies and every other important aspect. Therefore, completing entire current affairs

    In general, this is going to enhance your GK Portion. The ebook has coverage of Current affairs from January 2018 to August 2018 in Question & Answers format. These act as a quick current affairs revision notes Furthermore one can also consider 600+ MCQs ebooks to enhance GK. These will ultimately help you get an edge over other aspirants. Lastly, your static GK is in your control with CDS OTA book. Click here to get other relevant e-Books for CDS and download instantly

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    This Current affairs PDF is really helpful, one can do the last minute preparation easily or even if you have less time and covering all months Current affairs is difficult. The content is good and this is best when other PDF of current affairs is read as this acts a good revision source to make you confident enough.


    How to download pdf ?


    I’ve already paid for it but i am not able to open it. Showing dt its password protected. Please help me out.


    Where is password ???

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