Cadets Will Have These Leaves And Breaks At OTA Chennai

leaves in ota chennai

Leaves And Breaks for gentleman cadets at OTA Chennai. Officers Training Academy is one of the premier Pre-commission Training Institutions of Indian Army, which is designed to commission approximately 750 Short Service Commissioned Army officers each year. It is the only Academy in the Country to grant Short Service Commission to women into various Arms and Services of Indian Army. This elite Academy imparts quality military training to selected and capable youth of the country and sculpts these boys and girls into future military commanders.

The Academy provides an all-inclusive military training to ensure physical, mental and psychological development of Cadets. Successful Cadets report to the Academy during the months of Apr and Oct (generally on second Thursday/Friday) each year and are imparted 49 weeks of military training organised into two semesters of 23 weeks each with a three weeks Term Break. At any point of time, two courses are conducted at the Academy.

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The following breaks are permissible to Cadets:-

(a) Mid-Term break of three days during the last week of June and December.

(b) Term Break of three weeks with effect from third week of September/March.

End of the Term Hikes: During the term break Cadets of first term may be sent on organised adventure hikes (four to six days duration) at the beginning of the term break followed by balance of leave to their home stations. However, Cadets failing in First Term Assessment exams/tests or those on punishment may be held back for extra training/completion of punishment and not allowed to proceed on term break / hikes. They may also be called early from the term break, as per the discretion of Commandant, OTA.

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Mid Term Hikes: During mid-term breaks, volunteer/selected Cadets may be sent on organised adventure hikes / educational tours to other training establishments. Balance of the Cadets who have passed all their mandatory tests may be sent on midterm leave at the discretion of The Commandant, OTA.

Special Leave: In addition to the above, special leave up to a maximum of 10 days may be granted to the Cadets only on extreme compassionate grounds by the Commandant, OTA.

It is pertinent to mention that even a single day of training missed makes it difficult for the trainees to catch up with the fast paced training curriculum. Cadets are, therefore, advised not to make requests for avoidable leave in their own interest.




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