Bezai Moses Recommended In 10th Attempt [12 SSB Bangalore]

Meet Bezai Moses who got recommended in 10th attempt from 12 SSB Bangalore.

recommended in 10th attempt ssb

Hello fellow warriors with Determination and Great dreams. Myself Bezai Moses Naskar, amongst one of you, was dreaming of the prestigious uniform since 2015 march , its then my journey started and on 2nd nov 2018 I was living it .

I got recommeded from 12 SSB Bangalore, for navy SSC GS hydro branch .

I wont focus on much of the procedure of ssb, but yes being a repeater for 9 times (6 s/o , 3 c/o , 1 rec ) and living the moment of being recommended on the  10th   was too sweet and memorable to me.

ssb experience 12 ssb

I tested my all patience to achieve it, and yes I believe the system is fair , depends on  how much an individual is ready and eager to learn, some may have the urge to learn but misunderstand the way it should be inculcated, for an example, during ssb josh is high, every one is ready to learn and become one but the secret here is the assessors are not wanting you to show that you are ready to learn at that instant because that is an instant emotion, rather they wish to see is that eagerness is already there in a candidate or is it acquired now.

People stress much on personality for ssb, what I could learn is its an collective effort how you live in this society let it your parents, friends, faculties, fellow workmates. Positive attitude comes with strong will to achieve the goal, I could recollect all my attempts today, though times were bad but yes today I can say its worth working hard.

ssb success story

I believe everyone can achieve it, its just takes the right effort and time and all above grace of god to bless you achieve it.

I dedicate my success to my parents, loved ones and friends. Thank you Defence Direct Education for all motivation for us, keep it going, this platform through you have enlighted and gave knowledge to so many I’m also one of them .

Here comes my joining letter to  join INDIAN NAVAL  ACADEMY .

Definitely fellow warriors dreamt of being an officer I appreciate your thought and determination to join armed forces, these are indeed elite and worthy. God bless you all, JAI HIND.

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