Army Aviation Corps – All You Need To Know

Army Aviation Corps – All You Need To Know

Army Aviation Corps

Army Aviation Corps is an operational Arm/Service of the Indian Army. It is tasked to perform Combat Search and Rescue, Air Ambulance, Medical Support, Artillery lift, Logistical Support during Natural Calamities and Wartime. The Army Aviation is headed by Lieutenant General Rank Officer. The present Direct General of Army Aviation is Lt Gen P. K. Bharali.

Army Aviation Corps

Initially, the Army Aviation was an integral part of the Regiment of Artillery. In the 1980s, the Aviation Corps was separated to form the newest Aviation Regiment of the Indian Army. The first squadron of Army Aviation Corps included the HAL Cheetah Helicopters and was stationed to support Air operations at Siachen Glacier. The Aviation Corps also served in Somalia under UN Peace Keeping forces during the 1990s. The Army Aviation Corps was presented with the President Colours by President Ram Nath Kovind and it was received by CAATS in October 2019.

The Pilots for Army Aviation are selected from various branches of the Indian Army. A Gentleman Cadet in Academy can also select his first performance as Aviation Corps in his Choice of Arms list. The pilots are picked through a grievous selection process which includes CPSS (Computerized Pilot Selection System) and Medical Examination. The selected pilots are trained at Combat Army Aviation Training School in Nashik. The training module includes Simulator flying and Helicopter flying. The Pilots are trained in Night flying, Mountain terrain flying, and tactical maneuvers.

haws indian army

Helicopters of Army Aviation Corps
1. HAL Cheetah

HAL Cheetah
Speed – 190 Kmph
Range – 500 Km
Service Ceiling – 5400 m

2. HAL Chetak

HAL Chetak
Speed – 200 Kmph
Range – 550 Km
Service Ceiling – 3200 m

3. HAL Dhruv

HAL Dhruv
Speed – 250 Kmph
Range – 620 Km
Service Ceiling – 6000 m

4. HAL Dhruv Attack Helicopter

HAL Rudra
Speed – 250 Kmph
Range – 580 Km
Service Ceiling – 6000 m
1. 20 mm Gun turret
2. Helina Anti Tank Missiles
3. Mistral Air to Air Missiles

5. Boeing Apache AH-64E Attack Helicopter (6 Under procurement)

Apache AH 64 E
Speed – 290 Kmph
Range – 470 Km
Service Ceiling – 6000 m
1. 30 mm Chain Gun (1200 rounds)
2. AIM-92 Stinger Missiles
3. Hydra and CRV 70 mm Rockets
4. AGM Hellfire Missiles

The Army Aviation Corps is in the process of Inducting HAL LUH (Light Utility Helicopter), HAL LCH (Light Combat Helicopter), and Kamov 226-T Helicopters.

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