Apache and LCH | New Fighter Helicopters of IAF

apache attack helicopters of iaf

Indian Air Force is now fully fledged to operate two new Fighter Helicopters in its arsenal. The IAF have acquired the 22 Boeing Apache AH-64E and is in the process of inducting the Indian made HAL LCH (Light Combat Helicopter).

The need of Fighter Helicopters

In Kargil war, the need of efficient Fighter Helicopter was raised. The Mi-35 of Indian Air Force was not capable to operate in the heights of Kargil Sector. The Indian Air Force modified the Mi-17 Helicopters into Combat Helicopters and accomplished the mission. Even the Air forces of our neighboring countries have more Fighter Helicopters compared to IAF.

HAL – Light Combat Helicopter (LCH)

The Development of LCH had begun in 2004 as derivative of Dhruv Helicopters. In the Following Years, the LCH began to take its shape into fully fledged Fighter Helicopter. The LCH has successfully finished its Summer, Winter and High Altitude Trials. The LCH is now operating in Icy heights of Ladakh. The IAF is keen procure 65 LCH and Indian Army is also keen to operate LCH.


Specifications of LCH
Speed 270 Kmph
Height (Service ceiling) 21000 ft
Operational Range 500-550 Kms
Armament 1. 20mm Cannon/Turret Gun

2. 70mm Rocket pods

3. Helina/Nag Air-to-Air and Anti tank Missiles

4. Guided and Unguided Bombs

Apache AH-64E

The Apache AH-64E is battle proven Machine. Assessing the immediate requirement of Fighter Helicopters. The IAF inducted 22 Apache AH-64E Helicopters under Emergency Procurement. They are the part of 125 Helicopter Squadron Gladiators. The Apache AH-64E is already roaring in the skies of Ladakh.

Apache Helicopter

Specifications of Apache AH-64E
Speed 360 Kmph
Height (Service Ceiling) 20000 ft
Operational Range 470-500 Kms
Armament 1. 30mm Chain Gun with 1200 rounds

2. Two AIM Stringer Missiles

3. Hydra and APKWS Air-to-Ground Missiles

4. AGM Hellfire and Spike Missiles

In conclusion, the role of Apache AH-64E and HAL LCH along with Mi 35 and HAL Rudra will boost the strength of IAF Fighter Helicopters. The LCH is capable to Operate at icy heights of Himalayan ranges . The Apache AH-64E is the best support helicopter for the Ground Forces. The Cover of Apache AH-64E becomes the key factor in the operations of Ground Forces. The combination of both the Helicopters will give Indian Forces a better Air superiority.




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