Apache and Chinook at LAC | Indian Helicopter Deployment

Apache and Chinook at LAC | Indian Helicopter Deployment

apache helicopter at lac

Ongoing aggression with China has made India to prepare for the retaliation. Considering the situation, India has deployed Chinook and Apache helicopters at LAC. Both the countries are into the mirror deployment of forces at the LAC. Due the Climatic conditions, supply and logistics will be difficult in the Ladakh region. As the winter is arriving, the Indian Armed forces must stock the supplies and Logistics soon. The Indian Air Force has already deployed it’s fighter in Ladakh. The Su 30 MKI, Mirages and MiG 29 are roaring at Eastern Ladakh region.

Apache and Chinook

Chinook CH 47

The Chinook heavy lift helicopter are manufactured by the Boeing company. The helicopter is capable to conduct various operations. The heavy lift capabilities can be used extensively at high altitudes. In this situation, Chinook stationed at Chandigarh can easily supply logistics and medical supplies to Siachen and LAC.

 The Chinook can operate efficiently at the high altitudes. Combining the power of Chinooks, C-17 Globe master and C-130J Hercules. The Logistics, Arms, Ammunition and Medical supplies can be done efficiently and quick.

chinook helicopter iaf

Apache AH 64 E

The beast Apache is a battle proven Machine. It has proved its mettle in many wars. It is very capable to operate at high altitudes. Twin shaft rotors gives it more power to operate at such heights.

Although, India has less Attack Helicopters compared to our neighbours. But, the Apache can change the face of war anytime. The Apache is equipped with Rotary Gun, Rockets, Air to Air missiles, Anti tank missiles.. etc. As a result, the speed and weapons diversity of Apache will be the best air support to Ground forces.

Apache AH 64 E

The Induction of Chinook and Apache is done at the right time. In conclusion, the geographic conditions of Ladakh are the best suit for these helicopters.




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